João Morais

João Morais

Senior Game Engineer, Immersive Learning Experience Team
Innovation Center of Excellence, Adtalem Global Education
Porto, Portugal

As a Senior Game Engineer, João is responsible for game programming, web engineering and and VR/AI development for the Immersive Learning Experiences Team.  

João develops digital games for educational purposes, and the supporting backend tools to assist teachers in accompanying the progress of their students.

Having studied both Computer Science and Game Design, João briefly worked on mobile and computer games for entertainment before joining the team at ILX.

While at ILX, he has developed Pharma College 3.0, known as “Pharm”. Pharm is game that teaches best practices to nursing students, challenging them to attend to several patients in a timely manner, reading orders and administering the correct medication to patients, or asking for the assistance of a doctor based on patient vitals and symptoms.

Currently, he’s working on Cold Case and Cold Case VR. In Cold Case, the student must inspect crime scenes and gather evidence, exchange messages using the in-game phone, interview witnesses, and interrogate suspects to find the culprit. In Cold Case VR, the player does the same thing but in an engaging Virtual Reality environment.

João loves cuddly animals and warm coffee. His hobbies include reading (mostly Fantasy and Sci-Fi), playing video and board games, and watching TV shows and movies. He lives in Mirandela, a northern Portuguese city known as “the garden city of Portugal”, for its green scenery.

You can reach João at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..