Pedro Tempera

Pedro Tempera

Senior Game Developer, Immersive Learning Experience Team
Innovation Center of Excellence, Adtalem Global Education
Porto, Portugal

As a Senior Game Developer, Pedro is responsible for game programming, web programming, and VR/AI development for the Immersive Learning Experience Team. 

With almost 10 years of experience as a programmer, Pedro started as a .Net developer, working with technologies such as Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone SDK, focusing primarily on the client side making use of his keen interest on UI/UX.

Having been a gamer pretty much all his life and although game development professional opportunities in Portugal are scarce, Pedro then took the risk of switching his focus to game development and soon found himself working on AR mobile Apps (made with Unity3D) which included mini-games and gamification features.

Since then, Pedro had the opportunity to work on several mobile games, from concept/prototype to delivery, both as programmer and sometimes Game Designer, combining his engineering background with his creative side. Lately, Pedro has been more and more interested in VR and other forms of human-machine interaction and AI’s role in our near future.

Pedro started as a member of ILX since February 2018 and he has been working remotely based in Lisbon.