21 October 2019
myVRscope™ is shortlisted for the VR / AR award category at the upcoming Reimagine Education Conference 2019 in London.  myVRscope™ has been selected from among 1507 applicants from 39 countries for the competition's 16 award categories. The sho...
23 September 2019
myVRscope™ is a 2019 Impact Award Winner.  Each fall, Innovation Leader presents the Impact Awards to companies that are leveraging innovation, technology, and R&D initiatives to achieve concrete business results. The awards are given o...
01 July 2019
The Serious Play 2019 International Game Competition has awarded myVRscope™ a Bronze Medal in the Virtual Reality Games Category. International Serious Play Awards honor outstanding commercial and student titles used for education or training in thre...
18 September 2018
If the ILXD Model emphasizes one thing, it's the importance of empowering the learner to be involved in every part of the learning experience. From needs analysis to product development, through intention, immersion, empathy, and learning, the learne...
08 July 2018
Instructional Design vs. Learning Experience Design Something amazing happened to me recently. My boss, the tireless Jim Kiggens, said, "Let's do this." The "this" he was referring to is the formalization of the shift in how we approach learning desi...

We Recommend

Adobe Creative Cloud
20+ apps that are the 'must have' foundation tools for the entire team: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Mixamo, Acrobat, Dreamweaver.

Our game engine is Unity. One development that can publish for all ... VR, 3D, Mobile, 2D, WebGL.

We deliver our immersive learning products on Oculus Rift, Quest, and Go.
Substance Suite

Now part of the Adobe family, this is the 'must have' ecosystem for developing materials for real-time 3D applications.

Maya from Autodesk is our 3D tool of choice - again, a single platform for creating environments, characters, and VFX.

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