Available courses

This course examines the Immersive Learning Experience (ILX) as a new pedagogical approach, analyzes the benefits of ILX and the determinants of those benefits, and explores processes, tools, and techniques used to develop skills in constructing new approaches to make learning deeply engaging, inclusive, and successful.

This course is intended for students that are interested in prototyping games for virtual reality, simulations, education and marketing. Topics include the game industry, game play, game based learning, game concept development, and game prototyping. Students will explore game prototyping through the hands-on projects using rapid prototyping software. Hands-on topics covered in this course: the Virtools workspace, characters and levels, cameras and rendering, behavior building blocks, collision management, particles, interactivity, creating interfaces, data management, and how to export your games. The course outcomes include the development of an original game prototype pitch.

The Unity3D Fundamentals workshop is intended for developers, educators, and students that are new to Unity3D. In this project-based workshop, the learner is introduced to the Unity3D 3.0 workspace and typical project workflow. Production topics that are covered include: creating environments, creating player characters, scripting interactions, using Prefabs, developing user interfaces, instantiation, rigid bodies, physics, particles systems, game builds and distribution. Additionally, art pipeline techniques for characters and environments are demonstrated using 3ds Max 2011 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

MAT-145 Video Game Design - Fall 2008