Sérgio Azevedo

Sérgio Azevedo

Senior Game Artist, Immersive Learning Experience Team
Innovation Center of Excellence, Adtalem Global Education
Porto, Portugal

As a Senior Game Artist, Sérgio designs and produces concept art, character art, environment art, and interface art for the Immersive Learning Experience Team.  

Sérgio Azevedo holds a Masters in Arts from Northumbria University Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He has more than fifteen years of experience in developing multimedia projects, with proficiency in tools such as Adobe Suite (Photoshop - adobe certified expert) Maya, Allegorithmic Tool kit. His work ranges from academic drawing and painting to mobile games.

In Sérgio’s arts background, we can find a wonderful collection of drawings of everyday objects arranged by a set of rules that drive his creative process. In addition to his paintings and drawings, he has also been involved in projects ranging from illustrations, poster design to multimedia design. 

His drive to evolve brought him to the realms of the digital art world. Along with the development of his art projects, Sérgio engaged the digital world starting by learning different techniques: painting, drawing, photo manipulation, coding to 3d modeling and animation. As a self-taught digital artist he has been involved in several successful projects such as software development for television with “Pokerface”; motion graphics artist and illustrator for web series “Girl Heart Boy”, “Collider”; game development artist for “Collider Quest”, “Code Breaker”; visual effects supervisor in Sci-fi feature film “Collider”, and nowadays is part of a team that explores the creation of game based learning for Engaged Learning Technologies, creating and developing assets for games.

Sérgio´s passion for the creative process can be summed up as follows: “I love what I do. I want to do it better… I’ll do it even better...since every failure is a step closer to success”.