Investigation: Cold Case  is a single player, first-person adventure game set in a gritty, urban police precinct environment.
It is a course-length game that is the entire learning activity in the capstone course for the Justice Administration Degree at DeVry University.
Using real-world investigation problems, the game requires the student to apply workplace skills learned from across the entire degree program:
  • Collect and review evidence
  • Interview witnesses
  • Interrogate suspects
  • File search and arrest warrants
  • Submit reports
  • Maintain an evidence log
  • Keep detailed investigation notes
  • Submit a final summary investigation report that proves the case solution.

Investigation: Cold Case is comprised of eight levels of play, with each level increasing the case story complexity by introducing new evidence and changing character behaviors in response to student decisions.
The game starts at the office in the detectives bureau, where the student launches levels of play, reviews their learning progress with 3D analytics, and reviews achievements earned during gameplay.
Each level begins in the detective’s bullpen, where the student checks their ‘to-do’ tasks and receives new information about the case.  
The game includes investigating virtual recreations of original crime scenes - something that is increasingly more common in the workplace, reviewing evidence that was previously identified and looking for evidence that may have been overlooked. 
Students receive real-time feedback in-game from faculty regarding their progress in each level.  A comprehensive dashboard provides faculty with immediate access to every game task and learning outcome deliverable submitted by students.  This allows the faculty to coach students as the case becomes more complex in the later stages of the course - and to ensure that they understand the requirements of the warrants, forms, and reports that bring the case to a successful conclusion.
Investigation: Cold Case is played on a PC/Mac and also in VR with Oculus Touch.

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